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Web Hosting Services
- CPanel Installed
- Fast Services
- Instant Support
- Instant Activation
- Pre Installed Scripts
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Web Design Services
PWC's goal is to become the affordable solution for your website development needs.
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Printing Services
PWC offers professional quality printing services to its clients. We offer comprehensive printing services.
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About PWC Hosting

PWC Hosting Company was founded by Calvin Brown, Jr. We have been providing website development solutions since early 2005. However, at that time our company did not provide hosting services, so we were forced to refer our clients to non affiliated companies. The level of service that our clients received from those companies horrified us. In the early part of March 2005, we began offering a superior hosting service to our clients. The support and reliability we offer has proven to be the key factor in our ability to be a competitive force in the ever growing hosting market.

PWC Hosting Company, is a personally managed company with only one goal in mind; "We are striving to become simply the best service oriented web hosting company out there. Our customers come first. There is not a day gone by that we are not looking for ways to better our service performance record."

"Most web hosting companies offer many features... we wanted to compile everything we could into the most affordable price, while still maintaining a managed hosting environment."

We do not rely on venture capital to grow our business, therefore, we grow at our pace, not theirs.

The demand for our servers and connections have enabled us to continue to expand our array of offerings from basic hosting packages to sophisticated e-commerce hosting packages.

State of the Art server scripting protects against intruders, as well as, automatic server maintenance software to allow our admins to watch all accounts 24/7. Our recent upgrades have allowed for any user to view the status of their server by logging into cPanel. Endusers will find that our servers have run to an average 99.7% or higher since our recent upgrades last summer.


Our mission: To provide you with the utmost in superior support and Internet experience for your web site at the most reasonable price available.

In addition, our success has been by limiting the amount of users on any given server and dedicating servers to certain modules.

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